James Parker Crumbly is currently employed as the Best Boy Grip at Black Flag Grips LLC in Wilmington, NC. As the head of logistics, He oversees the ordering, delivery, and use of special equipment, such as camera cranes.
 As the owner of Peanut Grip Co. he is building relationships with the next generation of filmmakers. He aspires to grow his business and expand the current enterprise. He is proud to have finished college and Keyed his first feature film at the age of TWENTY-TWO. James is a confident individual and a decent carpenter and metalworker. He is thankful for his current employer and proud of the skillset he has built.
Here's what we preach.
Peanut's 4 P's Of Grip
Patience: Your temperament defines you on set. And whether you'll be brought back to that Crew. JUST BE COOL.
Participation: How much work you complete / What you do every day says a lot about your character. The boss wants to see you working when it's time. They cannot do it by themselves. Know your role. YOU are the help, so HELP. 
Placement: What is your 20? Where you are physically in relation to your grip brothers and sisters is very important in keeping the set running smoothly. There should always be someone on set. (With or without the key) Another person should be at the carts (wherever equipment is being staged), and there should be someone at the truck. At a minimum, there should be those people there. Where you fall in the order is something that you have to learn. IF you don't know. Stay somewhere halfway between staging and the set.
Persistence: How much you want to work is very clear when you show up to set. Your drive, and willingness to do things are all huge factors in hireability. most important for the new guy is the never-give-up attitude. It will take you wherever you let it.
Photos from the set
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