Here are a few more quick tips:
1. Buy the BEST. Everyone wants to save a buck, get a good deal, etc. And that's great, but sacrificing quality will ultimately cost you in the long run. This is especially true when we talk about FOWL WEATHER GEAR and things like BOOTS. BUY THE BEST. It might hurt your bank account, but there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable at work. Wet feet SUCK; being cold SUCKS. Bring extra clothes, socks, etc. Take care of your body so that you can work for a very long time.
2. Be CLEAN. Whether they're your tools on your tool belt or the Boss's stands. Keep everything CLEAN, lubricate them often, keep the rust away. Be as organized as you can be. Our business can often be chaotic but it is important to keep a clean work area whether it's on your waist or the carts at staging.

3. Get a damn TOOL-BELT. No one likes waiting on simple tools. If you're going to be a successful grip having and knowing how to use your tools is 54% of the job. See our starter pack link for what we recommend.
4. Pay ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!  Not everything that happens is going to happen over the walkie-talkie. to participate in making the movie you have to be ON SET. Find somewhere out of the way within earshot to chill out and you will find yourself picking up the job rather quickly.
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